About us

The Home Department is responsible for discharging its responsibilities to ensure maintenance of Law and Order, Internal Security and overall peace within the State. It is also responsible to discharge its responsibilities to implement Arms Act, Act in respect of Foreign Nationals, Madhya Pradesh Rajya Suraksha Adhiniyam 1990 within the State. Security of Very Important People (VIP) also falls within the purview of the Home Department.

The Home Department performs functions and tasks related to subjects of Indian Police Service, State Police service, Home Guards, Public Prosecution and Sainik Kalyan (Ex Servicemen Welfare). The allotment of government houses to government servants, matters related to Passport and Visa, arrangements related to important services and organizing allotment of governmental residential houses, arranging transport vehicle support, arranging telephone and communication facility for Honorable Ministers and Officers are also responsibility of Home Department.

Matters of Policy Dealt within the Home Department

The matters of policy being dealt by the Home Department are divided into following categories.

A – General

  1. Citizenship and Naturalization.
  2. Passports and Visas.
  3. Inter-State migration, Inter-State quarantine.
  4. Nomadic, migratory Tribes.
  5. Extradition
  6. Pilgrimages to places outside India.
  7. Camping grounds
  8. General questions relating to essential services.
  9. Census
  10. Allotment and administrative approval to the construction of residential buildings intended for Ministers and Deputy Ministers and provision of furniture and furnishings for such buildings.
  11. Motor Works and Garage at Bhopal, and allotment of vehicles from the garage.
  12. Motor vehicles belonging to the Government and placed at the disposal of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, for their use.
  13. Government Telephone connection.
  14. Installation of electric lights and fans in Government Buildings, belonging to the common pool, and used for residential purposes.Allotment of Common Pool residential buildings and Sanction of minor original work relating thereto.
  15. Resettlement and re-employment of Servicemen, Civil Pioneers and Labour employed in War Industries, including State and District Soldiers Sailors and Airmen’s Board.
  16. Lom Sahayak-Sena.Resolutions passed by non-official associations.
  17. Claims (arrears of pay, leave salary, provident fund, pension etc.) of Government Servants who had migrated to Pakistan.
  18. Emergency and Relief Organization.
  19. Administrative approval to the construction of residential buildings intended for judges of the Madhya Pradesh High Court and their allotment.
  20. All matters relating to the services with which the Department is concerned (other than matters allotted to the Finance Department and the General Administration Department), e.g. appointments, postings transfers, pay, leave, pensions, promotions, provident funds, deputations, punishments and memorials.


  1. Public Order
  2. Internal Security
  3. Police including Railway and village Police but excluding Special Police Establishment.
  4. Police Training Schools and Colleges.
  5. Arms, firearms ammunition.
  6. Betting and gambling.
  7. Extension of the powers and jurisdiction of the Police force to other areas.
  8. Central Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation.
  9. Military Education (Home-Guards)
  10. Political Offences.
  11. Preventive detention and persons subject to such detention for reasons connected with foreign affairs, defence or Security of India.
  12. Preventive detention for reasons connected with the Security of State, the maintenance of public order or the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the community persons subjected to such detention.
  13. Civil Defence.
  14. Inter-State Police Wireless System.
  15. Police Medals.
  16. Matters relating to the Indian Police Service including I.P.
  17. All matters relating to the service with which the Department is concerned (other than matters allotted to the Finance Department and the General Administration Department) e.g. Appointments, postings, transfers, pay leave, pensions, promotions, provident fund, deputations, punishments and memorials..